Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

Finally........ I'm getting the opportunity to post about my Marie Antoinette inspired tabletop event display I worked on in March.  Its so long overdue!!!!   The drawback of taking too many pictures is that it's so hard to choose and edit the right photos......hence the long delay of this post.

This themed tabletop is dedicated to my dear friend Kandice who loves Marie Antoinette.  She is my inspiration for this themed tabletop and I hope I did her proud.   Everything you see is handmade  by yours truly including the fabric chandelier, paper flowers, and many other details.  It took me a few weeks to get this tabletop together....with so many labor intensive elements.  I'm definitely starting to see that my trademark in design include..... feathers.  Love Feathers....can't get enough of them!  It was a nice challenge to be involved in the floral decor as well as the event styling. I'd have to say that Event Styling is definitely one of my favorite things at the moment. The props in the display definitely highlight the florals and brings cohesiveness to the entire design.    Sadly.... it was a cloudy morning, lighting could have been a bit brighter. In the real world of events, there's always something that poses as a challenge...something usually goes awry.  This tabletop would have also looked fabulous outside! Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with how everything turned out.

 Wouldn't this theme be awesome for a Bridal Shower, Birthday Party or Wedding?

Happy Looking.....

Headpiece completely appropriate for this event!

                                  My modern take of a "Fabric Chandelier"
                                  Mini Succulents in  Faux Champagne
                                 Handmade Fabric Flowers
                                  Handmade Paper Flowers
                                 Parallel Design with Feather Flowers

Stay tuned   for more headpieces and cocktail hats inspired by this Romantic and Decadent era...........

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