Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not your Ordinary WHITE Bouquet

I am a Huge Fan of Peonies !!!  LOVE them...they have got to be one of my Favorite Flowers!  Not only do they Smell Fabulous, they have wonderful texture, big heads (don't need a ton to fill space) and are just so luxurious and romantic looking!!!!

If you are a Spring Time Bride, then you are in Luck as they are most readily available in the Spring!

I am not a Huge fan of all white flower bouquets/ centerpieces because the color palette makes the flowers lost within each other !  I think all flowers and foliages are special in their own right and I definitely have my favorites. But I believe each flower (represents beauty and life) should be showcased in that manner.

Check out my Not So Ordinary White Bouquet....

*White Peonies mixed with a hint of green & gray and finished with a bouquet handle treatment!

Have a Wonderful Rest of the Week! It's Almost the Weekend !!! 

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