Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sympathy Arrangements

Although my focus is floral designs for Weddings and Events, I also create arrangements for special occasions and memorable milestones!  In the next post, I will be posting  a Non-Wedding design to showcase my range for floral design work.

Recently I had a client's mom pass away, and I was asked to create a large sympathy piece to be sent to the home. I also sent her a courtesy basket from yours truly! Deaths are very difficult and sometimes Flowers are an appropriate way to say "I'm sorry, We Love you and are here for you Always"! They exude comforting properties ! Flowers are for countless occasions as they have been cherished for centuries!

Sympathy Piece sent to the Home

Sympathy Basket Design sent to the Home

On another note, these same designs can be used for other occasions as well (ie. Altar piece or Mother's Day basket).

Have a  Productive Week Everyone! 

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  1. They were such beautiful works of art - I still have the basket and put some of the dried greens from both arrangements in it. It is currently sitting on our bookshelf and looks really nice :) Thank you again!