Thursday, September 8, 2011

Companion Pieces!

Yay...its Almost the Weekend! Super excited to attend a 9/10/11 (Super Memorable Date) Wedding of our Good Friend who lives in Norcal this weekend.!  Here's another Wedding related post in honor of their Big Day!

As I mentioned in my previous post...I am hugely fond of making personal pieces.  They are just so darn personal and special as they are almost always captured in wedding photography!  Lately.... I've really enjoyed making ornaments to combine with flowers.  Although flowers alone are gorgeous and special, I like adding special touches to take it up a notch! 

  Companion pieces are the best way to tell a story about a couple/wedding theme!  Below is a  boutonierre and bouquet set that both have paper pinwheels in them. Super Fun + Eclectic =  additional interest and another focal point. The best way to make a theme cohesive is to continue and repeat an element (in this case...more pinwheels)! 

Here's another companion set...using succulents, burlap, and other materials to marry them together!

Thanks for stopping by and Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone!!!!!!