Thursday, April 26, 2012

Same Flower Bouquets = Simple Statement!!!

Flowers come in so many varieties and colors...they are truly nature's gifts! It can be daunting at times to decide which flowers to use for bouquets and arrangements.  So why not choose just ONE..... perhaps your favorite flower!

Below are two Same flower bouquets I put together and discovered that  both types are very long lasting!  They are Simple and yet make such a Statement. Using one type of flower can be very impactful and have a nice cohesiveness!  

Poppies  Bouquet (Mixed Colors) - Just Dreamy!!

Lisianthus Bouquet (White)- looks very similar to a gardenia when in full bloom


Have a Wonderful Rest of the Week!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not your Ordinary WHITE Bouquet

I am a Huge Fan of Peonies !!!  LOVE them...they have got to be one of my Favorite Flowers!  Not only do they Smell Fabulous, they have wonderful texture, big heads (don't need a ton to fill space) and are just so luxurious and romantic looking!!!!

If you are a Spring Time Bride, then you are in Luck as they are most readily available in the Spring!

I am not a Huge fan of all white flower bouquets/ centerpieces because the color palette makes the flowers lost within each other !  I think all flowers and foliages are special in their own right and I definitely have my favorites. But I believe each flower (represents beauty and life) should be showcased in that manner.

Check out my Not So Ordinary White Bouquet....

*White Peonies mixed with a hint of green & gray and finished with a bouquet handle treatment!

Have a Wonderful Rest of the Week! It's Almost the Weekend !!!